Shooting Profile
Larry D. McWhirter

My early childhood was spent on a farm in rural Western Missouri , and like most boys of my generation, was taught to shoot by my father at the ripe old age of 6. He would support the muzzle end of my grandfathers .22 (which I recently gave to my grandson) and, although he didn't know the terminology, gave me an early introduction to sight alignment, sight picture, trigger, and breath control. His favorite bit of advice was "son, there's no use pulling the trigger unless your sights are on the target" which I remember to this day over 60 years later. When my family moved to Western Colorado I began hunting with my father & his brother's group carrying an old .30-.30.

My first serious introduction to handguns came in 2000, from a local instructor, a Gunsite Graduate, who was teaching classes in Montrose. This was a very thorough class lasting 16 weeks and I loved it. On graduation, I immediately signed up for his advanced class. With the exception of my scuba diving activities, I had never enjoyed a hobby so much in my life. On graduation from these classes, I signed up for, & attended, Gunsite Training Academy . I was allowed to use these two previously mentioned classes as the necessary 250 prerequisite and was therefore allowed directly into their "Intermediate 350" class. I spend a full week there, again having the time of my life. This is one dedicated, no nonsense, serious and down to earth teaching facility.

At this point I knew I wanted to teach shooting. (I actively taught scuba diving classes for over 33 years.) The NRA recommended an instructor by the name of Linn Armstrong in my area who was teaching instructor classes. A friend and I attended and became certified "Basic Pistol" and "Personal Protection in the Home" Instructors. Almost immediately I began teaching classes, and since I was so enthralled with Gunsite theology, my classes are based heavily on their doctrine.

Paul Miller, who owns San Juan Shooting Range in Montrose, brought in Rob Letham during one of their shoot-outs & I got the opportunity to take a day long class from him. That was a fantastic experience.

The next year Linn, who was now a "Senior Training Counselor", offered two additional disciplines, "Basic Rifle" and "Basic Shotgun." I signed up and graduated from these and applied to the NRA for the additional discipline of "Home Firearm Safety." I later obtained the Instructor rating for NRA's “Personal Protection Outside the Home” course, also from Linn . I am an NRA certified instructor & training Counselor for a total of eight disciplines. (Training Counselors train & certify instructors through the NRA.)

I actively teach, carry CHP (CCW) permits from three states and belong to the NRA. I offer regular scheduled classes in all listed disciplines, and an advanced class which concentrates heavily on real world shooting scenarios & is based on gunsite teachings. I have spent many hours entering class information into Microsoft® PowerPoint which I use with a large screen digital monitor. I have studied Massad Ayoob, Col. Jeff Cooper's & Clint Smith's writings extensively and incorporate many of their ideas into my classes. For me this is literally a labor of love.